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Report on CE Think Tank

HEALTHY SAXONY - VFG e.V. (HS VFG) was founded in 2004. It has set itself the objective of promoting  awareness for Saxony as a leading centre for medicine in science and in clinical practice across Germany and internationally, as well as boosting cooperation between the various medical players in the region. For fulfilling this objective, the association partners up in European projects such as digitalLIFE4CE (InterregCE).

digitalLIFE4CE sets the foundations to establish Digital Healthcare System Alliances which will increase the awareness of key stakeholders in the field of integrated digital solutions and enhance joint cooperation among them. Partners developed IT based mapping of solutions and industry experts, open innovation visualization tool, action plans and joint strategy on digital healthcare innovation potentials. To build up a collaborative ecosystem, partners will focus on identifying innovation potentials and creating cooperation scenarios among technology solution providers and relevant actors from the field.

We are looking for support from an external service partner to support one of our deliverables in Work Package 4.


  • Fluent in English (written and oral, min. B2)
  • Solid Skills in MS Excel and Word
  • Experience in digital healthcare innovation processes
  • Experience in European funding projects
  • Accessibility to Skype and Google Drive


Workpackage 4 focuses on building one Central European (CE) Think Tank and its future work. The respective Deliverable T4.2.2. asks for a report on the CE think tank for future search and strategic cooperation. This report will describe the established think tank and its first activities and long term implementation work plan which will be connected to complementary and synergetic strategic partners (CE/Europe/worldwide) and anchored by joint organizational structure to cooperate beyond the project’s end. To fulfill this, all partners have received a handbook on the think tank as preparation. They have to hand in prework and present their results at the partner meeting in Leipzig on 12. and 13. June 2019. The summary of what the Think Tank be has to be included in the report. The final partner meeting in Trento in October 2019 will add the final outcome of this meeting has to be integrated and delivered until 31. October 2019 to us.

Your tasks will be:

  • Support us in the strategic work for this deliverable (e.g. for the meeting in June, partner contribution, meeting in October 2019)
  • Preparing templates for partners (if necessary)
  • Write the report and provide it to HEALTHY SAXONY - VFG e.V for the partnership. The outcome will consist of one report on established think-tank and first activities as well as long-term implementation work plan; connected to complementary & synergistic strategic partners (CE / Europe / worldwide); anchored by joint organizational structure to cooperate beyond project´s end (31. October 2019)

You will have access to the information, data and material provided by digitalLIFE4CE so far.

We are looking for an external service provider with expertise in strategic development. The work will jointly be carried out with Project Manager Rebecca Winter and starts 3. June 2019 and has to be finished until 31. October 2019. The first version of the report is requested to be finished until 30. September 2019.

For further information about digitalLIFE4CE, please visit our project’s website:

Please address your offer to Mrs. Rebecca Winter (Attachments should be below 2GB) until 31. May 2019.

For further questions or information feel free to contact Mrs. Winter on 20. May or 27. – 29. May 2019:

phone +49 341 212 07 21

Skype: live:rebecca.winter_8